Our Mission
SCCAT will manage crises in place whenever possible, look to avert unnecessary hospitalizations or advocate for optimal level of mental health and behavioral support in the least restrictive setting. We will work alongside families, community-based mental health and DD providers to strengthen supports for adults with developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health or severe behavioral problems.
Services We Provide
Consultation Services
SCCAT will provide services to:

DDD Case Management
·Provide crisis response when a consumer presents with behavioral crises that jeopardize safety or may result in loss of residential or program placement

·Assess situation, develop and oversee an action plan in order to lessen crisis acuity.

·Refer consumers to relevant providers for further stabilization.

·Assist case management in identifying potential problem situations with individuals and developing a plan to address specific situation.

Service Providers
·Consult with agencies to provide guidelines for environmental, staffing and program supports of behaviorally challenged adults.

·Work alongside providers to develop a realistic plan based upon agencies’ resources and consistent with agencies’ philosophy and mission.

·Assist agencies develop their capacity and expertise in order to best support consumers with mental health needs and behavioral challenges.

Education and Training
·Six regional trainings each year on timely and relevant topics specific to the Intellecutally/Developmentally Disabled/Mentally Ill population (no cost).

·In-sercies and case-based trainings offered to mental health providers, DD agencies, families and caregives upon request or in response to an assessed need.

Families and Caregivers
·Assist families access relevant mental health and behavioral services to best address the needs of clients.

·Psychoeducation to families regarding signs and symptoms of mental health and behavioral disorders.

·Help families develop an appropriate response lan.

·Work alongside families to plan and manage resources to prevent re-occurrence of crisis situations.

Screening Centers and Psychiatric Hospitals
·Clinical response 24 hours a day/7 days a week to assist with the evaluation and disposition of ID/MI clients.

·Serve as liason between screening centers, provider agencies, families and treating practitioners while advocating for ancillary services to assist with disposition.

·Assist with discharge planning including link-up with community-based providers and practitioners who have expertise with the ID/MI population.

·Facilitate community re-integration through post-discharge follow up.

Mental Health Agencies and Partial Care Programs
·Assess clients in order to clarify diagnoses and assist in treatment planning.

·Provide clinical recommendations and case-specific intervention suggestions.

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